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De repente já nos trinta

De repente já nos trinta

InLife | A solution for International students who wants to study in Lisbon

11.02.18, Girl About Town





If you are an international student and want to come to Lisbon this post is for you.

There are so many challenges that students who want to study in another city face, even more so in a big city like Lisbon.

Finding the perfect home is one of them.

It was to fill that gap that Inlife  was born.

Inlife is dedicated to finding the most perfect accommodation for students in Lisbon.

Through the innovative concept of "Housing Trips" InLife provides students with several accommodation options, chosen according to their criteria, thus facilitating the lease process.

How many of us had college mates just arrived from another country who lived through this house-finding drama?

Now we can advise them well.

Visit the inlife website and find out for yourself.

I will leave all the contact informations down below.





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